Is there only one right denomination?

First of all, in Ephesians 4:4 we read that there is only one body. That one body is the church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Now, it doesn’t say one congregation. The body of Christ is bigger than one congregation, but there is one body. Now, there is a local expression of that body, and from my study of the Scriptures, I sincerely, honestly believe that every twice-born believer ought to be a member of a local New Testament congregation. That is the plan of God.

But the church is a spiritual body. The church is not a corporation with Jesus as the president; the church is a body with Jesus as the head. That’s all of the difference in the world. Now, again, I want to say not one denomination.

Somebody asked me, “Are you one of those narrow-minded baptists who think only baptists are going to heaven?” I’m more narrow-minded than that. I think a lot of baptists are not going to make it. But whether you’re a baptist, methodist, presbyterian, or episcopalian if you have given your heart to Jesus Christ, if you have been twice-born; you are a part of the mystical body of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.