How important is the planning of worship?

All areas related to the worship service are important and should be well-planned. I [Adrian Rogers] do not consider music and praise as just part of the preliminaries of worship that prepare the congregation for the main event of preaching. 

Yet, I would not minimize the importance of preaching in the overall worship experience. Preaching is a key element, but not the only element, in the total worship experience. In heaven, I believe we will continue to sing and praise the Lord, but I do not know that we are going to have preaching up there. 

At Bellevue Baptist Church, the minister of music has the responsibility of planning the musical aspects of congregational worship. I do not plan the music for the worship services at Bellevue. That responsibility belongs to our minister of music. He and I have worked together since 1964 and know each other well. We attempt to match the theme of the message with the music, but often neither one of us is fully prepared early enough to get it together. On these times, we let the Holy Spirit in me and the Holy Spirit in him make the two blend, and they almost always do.

*This question and answer were extracted from "Love Worth Finding: The Life of Adrian Rogers and His Philosophy of Preaching.”