How can my testimony be used to share Jesus with others?

When we live our lives filled with the Holy Spirit, God will make sure that there will be people around us who will notice and possibly start asking questions about our peace, patience, kindness, and other observable changes in our lives. As we remember that God’s assignment for us is to be witnesses, not lawyers, our testimonies become a natural way to tell others what we have personally “seen and heard.”  

  1. Write your testimony in a way that is natural for you. Review it often. That will make it much easier to share when the doors of opportunity are open.
  2. Look for openings in relationships to naturally share what God has done for you.
  3. Be courageous and trust the Holy Spirit to do His work. We don’t save anyone, God does. We just tell what He has done for us.

Witnessing is simply about sharing your personal encounter with the living Christ (your testimony) with others.