That Old Time Religion Series

That Old Time Religion Series


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In this 2-volume study from the book of Acts, Adrian Rogers uses the early church to teach about that "old time religion". Indeed, the first disciples turned the world upside down for Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. That same power is available to you today.

Messages included in Volume 1:
1233 - The Pathway to Power
1234 - The Ingredients of a Church Aflame
1235 - The Keys to a Beautiful Life
1236 - The Secret of Holy Boldness
1237 - How to Put Power in Your Prayer
1239 - God's Warning to Pretenders
1240 - Lifestyle Evangelism
1241 - The Expedience of Obedience
1243 - How to Turn Problems into Possibilities
1244 - Learning to Stand Alone
1247 - Wherever He Leads I'll Go

Messages included in Volume 2:
1249 - The Devil's Religion
1251 - All Things New
1253 - How You Can Be Sure
1254 - Victory Through Prayer
1259 - The Church Member of My Dreams
1276 - The Simplicity of Salvation
1278 - Three Challenges to the Cross
1280 - How to Weather the Storms of Life
1286 - How to Measure a Man
1288 - How to Cope with Criticism
1318 - The Problem of Procrastination

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