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God's Word for the End of an Age Series

God's Word for the End of an Age Series

Adrian Rogers

The prophet Malachi had a special message to God's people at the end of an era and it is relevant still to this day. Join Adrian Rogers as he powerfully demonstrates the application of Malachi's message in the day in which we live. With boldness and assurance, Dr. Rogers delivers God's messages as we approach what many believe to be the time of the blessed Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Messages included:
1390 - When You Doubt God's Love
1391 - The Never Ending War
1392 - What to Do When You Weary of Worship
1394 - Enjoying Covenant Blessings
1396 - The Problem of "Throw Away" Marriages
1398 - How to Change the Superficial into the Supernatural
1402 - How to Obtain Financial Freedom
1404 - It Pays to Serve Jesus
1407 - Some Golden Daybreak

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