Front Porch Moments Book

Front Porch Moments Book

Gayle Rogers Foster


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I try to unplug each morning with Jesus with just my rocking chair, my Bible, and a pen.

Having a secret place is very important because I know that Jesus is always there waiting for me. I know where I can find Him! His presence is everywhere, but there are places where it is so thick you can cut it with a knife. You may not even have a front porch, but there is a secret place for you as well. God’s invitations are for anyone who will respond. There is no more important request than the one found in Psalm 27:8: “My heart has heard You say, ‘Come and talk with Me.’ And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.’”


Gayle Foster is a national speaker, author, and founder of Think On These Things With Gayle Rogers Foster. For over three decades, Gayle was a top executive in a faith-based sales organization. Her focus was speaking, mentoring, and motivating leadership from a Biblical perspective. Her current passion is to challenge women from all walks of life to be deeply grounded in the Scripture and totally surrendered to the Spirit. Combining a business background with a unique insight into spiritual truth and adding a generous dose of wit and wisdom makes for a month of challenging and inspirational truths that you will return to over and over again.
     Gayle is the daughter of Adrian Rogers, founder of Love Worth Finding Ministries, and the wife of Mike Foster, currently serving in Pastoral Care at Bellevue Baptist Church. She is the mother of two married sons, Michael and Adrian, and four beautiful grandchildren. She loves bible study, scripture memory, inspirational reading, leadership development, Atlanta Braves baseball, University of Georgia football, and University of Memphis basketball. In addition to all that, her favorite pastime is finding humor in almost everything