Foundations for Our Faith Series

Adrian Rogers


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Today, more than ever, we need a solid word for an unsure world. And perhaps no other book reflects the heart of God and the passion of man as powerfully as the book of Romans. In fact, some call it the Constitution of Christianity. Join Adrian Rogers as he teaches from Romans 1-5 on the topics of sin and salvation, from Romans 5-9 on the topics of sanctification and the sovereignty of God, and from Romans 10-16 on the topics of service and surrender.

Messages included in Volume 1:
2039 - The Book That Changed the World
2041 - Totally Abandoned to the Gospel
2043 - The Lost World
2045 - The Last Step on the Way Down
2047 - How God Handles Hypocrites
2050 - God vs. Humanity
2051 - It's Time for Some Good News
2052 - How to Be Strong in the Faith
2054 - How to Have a Rock-Solid Faith

Messages included in Volume 2:
2056 - In Jesus There Is So Much More
2058 - How to Live in Victory
2060 - Learning to Possess Your Possessions
5555 - Getting to Know Your Best Friend
2061 - Turning Hurts Into Hallelujahs
2064 - Prayer
2063 - You Can Be Sure
2075 - Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?
2065 - Predestined for Hell? Absolutely Not!

Messages included in Volume 3:
2067 - Salvation
2069 - Faith: What It Is and How to Have It
2070 - Is God Through with The Jews?
2072 - The Secret of Effectual Prayer
2074 - Discovering Your Ministry
2080 - Christian Citizenship
2082 - The Wake Up Call
2084 - The Things That Make for Peace
2097 - Saved to Serve

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