Building on the Rock Series


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The apostle Paul traveled on a road called the Appian Way during his ministry in Rome. And that road, built by the Romans, is still in better condition than some roadways in the world today. One of the reasons is that the Romans laid a deep foundation. In the same way, God has given us His Word as an instruction manual for building our lives on solid, stable ground. As Jesus taught His disciples in the Sermon on the Mount, He gave them many practical truths for building a foundation that cannot be shaken by the storms and pain of this world. In fact, as presented by Adrian Rogers in this powerful series, Jesus said that upon these truths, He would build His kingdom, and even the gates of hell could not prevail against it.

Messages included in Volume 1:
1666 - Pass the Salt
1667 - Bright Lights in A Dark World
1671 - The Secret of Fulfillment
1674 - It's What's Inside That Counts
1676 - Winning the Battle for the Home
1677 - Developing a Clean Thought Life
1679 - A Foundation for the Family
1682 - Satan's Academy Award
1697 - Make Sure You Get the Real Thing

Messages included in Volume 2:
1680 - The Miracle Mile
1701 - How to Win in the War With Worry
1703 - The Incredible Power of Proper Priorities, part 1
1704 - The Incredible Power of Proper Priorities, part 2
1705 - When Yardsticks Become Boomerangs
1706 - The Power of Prevailing Prayer
1709 - The Holy Highway
1710 - Beware the Wolves
1712 - How to Weather the Storms of Life

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