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Authentic Christianity Series

Authentic Christianity Series

Adrian Rogers

Authentic Christianity is in short demand in many places. Many of God's people are confused because there are devious disciples teaching damnable doctrines. How do you know what is authentic and what is fake? Under the anointing of God, Peter gives us a good picture of what it means to be an authentic Christian. It is our prayer that these seven messages by Adrian Rogers will teach you discernment as you seek out and apply the Truths of God's Word.

Messages included:
1616 - How to Be Sure You Are Sure
1618 - Blessed Assurance
1620 - Unmasking False Prophets
1621 - The Character of a Counterfeit
1623 - Sick Dogs and Dirty Hogs
1625 - A New World Order
1627 - How to Stay Together when the World Comes Apart

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