A Guide to Practical Christian Living Series


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Have you ever wished for a handbook that covers day-to-day concerns in your Christian life, such as keeping the faith during trials, standing firm in temptation, holding your tongue, or what it means to love your neighbor? Then, this series is for you. Join Adrian Rogers as he teaches precept upon precept, line upon line through the intensely practical, but deeply spiritual book of James.

Messages included in Volume 1:
0507 - How to Pass the Tests Of Life
0529 - A Man and His Money
0509 - The Anatomy of a Sin
0511 - Tune In, Tone Down and Sweeten Up
0512 - Welcoming the Word
0513 - Superficial or Supernatural
0514 - The Strange Case of the Snooty Usher
0516 - The Autopsy of a Dead Faith

Messages included in Volume 2:
0517 - The Meanest Member in Our Church
0518 - Wisdom, Wise or Otherwise
0519 - Victorious Prayer
0520 - How to Pray in the Spirit
0521 - Sad Case of the Boastful Businessman
0523 - Is Your Pocketbook Converted?
0524 - The Bible and Bodily Healing
0525 - How to Pray for Friends and Influence People

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As we update designs, the series you receive may have a different cover, but the content is the same. Thank you for understanding.