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Treasuring Family Values on Flash Drive (USB140)

Treasuring Family Values on Flash Drive (USB140)

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How do you set an example of godliness in your home when society knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing? It's hard, but you can with the Word of God as your guidebook and the Holy Spirit as your teacher and helper. Join Adrian Rogers in this six message series, as he opens the Word of God and provides victorious insights for those critical issues facing your family today.

This is a flash drive that fits the USB port on a PC or Mac.  The audio files can be moved, copied, or burned to your own CD. 

Messages included:
1781 - Millionaire Marriages
1782 - God's Plan For The Man
1784 - The Wonders Of Womanhood
1785 - Treasuring Marital Fidelity
1787 - Honoring Father And Mother
2157 - Dads Who Shoot Straight