Points to Ponder with Cary E. Vaughn

Sharing the Lamb of God

Of all the images or icons that come to mind as we prepare for Christmas—trees, bells, stars, stockings—one that is often overlooked and undervalued is the soft-edged shape of a newborn lamb. But as our cover feature in this newsletter points out, the lamb is central to the entire story of Jesus in both the Old and New Testaments.

Jesus was born in an animal stable where His family’s first visitors were the very shepherds who raised lambs for sacrifice in Jerusalem. Because He is the perfect sacrifice for all sin for all time, Jesus is called the Lamb of God in John 1:29 and John 1:36. John knew to call Jesus by this name because Old Testament language foretold the coming of Christ as a “guilt offering” (Isaiah 53:10). John would have known too of One who would be brought “like a lamb led to the slaughter” (Jeremiah 11:19; Isaiah 53:7) and whose sufferings and sacrifice would provide redemption for Israel.

The Jews who heard John likely thought of the sacrifices at the Passover feast commemorating God’s deliverance of the Israelites from bondage in Egypt. Later, those who followed Jesus, may have seen the passage in Exodus 12:11-13 in which the lamb’s blood is applied to the doorposts as a picture of Jesus’ atoning work on the cross.

As we look back from the perspective of our own culture, the idea of a sacrificial system seems strange to us today. But it is important that we keep on telling the Gospel story. At Love Worth Finding, that’s why we’re here: to make much of the Lamb of God who died to atone for sin. Every day untold thousands are touched by our ministry through YouTube, social media, lwf.org, the MyLWF App, television and radio broadcasts, and other means. Many people ask for our prayers. We are able to provide Gospel-proclaiming and faith-building resources to many others.

This is our way of sharing the Lamb of God. And just as the lamb was eaten in haste at the first Passover meal, we share the Lamb with urgency today to reach the lost, make disciples, and encourage the faithful.

Thank you for your partnership; you help us develop and deliver a global banquet of life-giving truth from the biblically sound teaching of Pastor Adrian Rogers.

As we near the end of the calendar year, please remember Love Worth Finding in your prayers and giving. And please remember to share the Lamb with others as you celebrate the true redemptive meaning of Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection.

Merry Christmas,

Cary E. Vaughn, CEO