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Points to Ponder

The Great Commission…Always In Season

I hope you and your family enjoyed a beautiful Easter season. After celebrating the most important event in human history, here’s a simple but spiritually significant question: Now what?

Two thousand years ago, after His resurrection and before His ascension, Jesus gave us the answer in the Great Commission:

“Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel.”

Jesus passed the baton to His disciples…to us…telling us to share the “good news” of His love with everyone.

This issue of “On Mission” features examples of people who are doing just that. Mihail and Emanuela Geabou, our new Foreign Language Department partners in Romania, and Matthew and Melissa Ruszczynski in Milwaukee, Wis., represent faithful families sharing God’s love from generation to generation. You’ll also read some “short stories worth telling”—quotes from people just like you in the LWF community who are living out the Great Commission in their own communities.

We’re all in the same race to glory. Let’s grasp the baton, run with all the strength the Lord gives us, and extend the Gospel—together—as far as we can reach.

How far is that? Through broadcast, digital, and print media, the LWF website and App—Love Worth Finding reaches across the nation and around the globe with the Good News of Jesus Christ. You’ll read in this issue about some important initiatives we’re moving forward with at LWF in the coming months, including the promotion of the documentary, “Nothing but the Truth,” which prominently features Pastor Adrian Rogers.

Thanks for standing with us as we expand the ways LWF is working to fulfill the Great Commission. We must live every day in celebration of Easter. Let’s faithfully run the Kingdom race…until Christ returns.

Cary E. Vaughn, CEO