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Points to Ponder

New Year, New Beginnings

The New Year has arrived and with it a fresh batch of resolutions for most people. And while we at Love Worth Finding hope you have devised “good” resolutions—lose weight, exercise more, organize better—we hope you put some of the “best” resolutions at the top of your list:

  • Spend time every day alone with my Savior.
  • Study God’s Word regularly and learn His will for my life.
  • Intentionally lead my family.
  • Teach my children and grandchildren how to walk faithfully with God.
  • Share my faith and disciple others with purpose and consistency.

Start with your own quiet time and spiritual growth and move from there to your household. There’s no more important mission field than your own family room. Pastor, teacher, and author Adrian Rogers regularly emphasized the importance of spiritual training at home; this is where we all must start.

We’re offering some resources that might help you accomplish your goals in 2021. Look for the  link that will take you to a sermon Adrian Rogers preached on December 31, 2000, “Planning Your Future.”

We'd also like to remind you that January 22 is National Sanctity of Human Life Day. We think you’ll enjoy the Hancock family’s story of God’s constant provision from the moment 32 years ago when they welcomed a new beginning in the form of a child with Down’s syndrome.

God bless you and your family with His peace in this New Year. May He prosper you in every good work you undertake for His glory.

Until He Returns,

Cary E. Vaughn, CEO