Points to Ponder

An Unstoppable Family

Our best meetings with Dr. Rogers were always Tuesdays at lunch, an unhurried, undivided time with one of the premiere pastors in America. A time to listen and learn. 

This specific day, he challenged us to be close and clean before the Savior. A person who is blameless is a person used mightily by God. Dr. Rogers elaborated on the fact that worldly sins would not be the hurdle for a group of ministers. Obeying the law is a given, and those set apart for ministry are called to a higher standard. It’s the sins of the flesh we must guard against. He spoke wisdom for over an hour, then looked at the staff and challenged us: “You call yourselves Ministers, and you work in the ministry. But without your family, you have no ministry!” Wow! My heart sank as he spoke the truth.

Family…the best blessing given by God to honor Him, to accomplish His work, and to bring us joy. Family…what Satan tries to destroy, but what can be an effective tool for Kingdom work. I want to be a better steward of my family, and I want to serve as a family to point many to the saving knowledge of Christ.

I have replayed that lunch in my mind a hundred times. Why would he place so much emphasis on the family? Why would he give us a charge to go forward? Because a family sold out to God is unstoppable!

Cary E. Vaughn, CEO