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Give and Receive Income for Life!

You can support Love Worth Finding in a major way and receive steady income payments for life.

A growing number of our supporters are using life-income gifts to come alongside LWF in our mission to bring people to Jesus and help them grow in the faith. This no-catch solution is perfect for those who want to give more, but who are concerned about having enough income.

A life income gift can be established by giving cash, stocks, mutual funds, or non-cash assets such as rental properties or vacation homes.

With life income gifts, the supporter receives an immediate tax deduction at the time of the gift, and then receives steady payments for a lifetime, or for a designated number of years. The remainder of the gift becomes a legacy to further the important mission of Love Worth Finding!

Love Worth Finding partners with Barnabas Foundation for issuing and overseeing charitable gift annuities. When you establish a gift annuity through Barnabas Foundation, you can have confidence knowing your annuity is administered by  —  and backed by the assets of  —  a trusted, well-established organization. Barnabas Foundation has been providing expert-planned gift support to thousands of families and to more than 200 Kingdom building ministries since 1976. The entire amount you contribute will be held in a gift annuity reserve fund in order to make your annuity payments.

Discover whether life income gifts are the right solution for you. Contact Bob Dawkins, CTFA or Sam Cox by email at [email protected] or call (800) 274-5683.

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