Thomas McFann

In my senior year of high school, I found that I bit off more than I could chew—president of a couple of clubs, six A.P. classes—it seemed I was just mismanaging my time. I saw my devotional life was barren because I was always stressed out!

What I decided to do was to replace watching TV while eating dinner with listening to Love Worth Finding. I had heard good things about Adrian Rogers, so I made the move. One of the first messages I listened to was The Battle for Your Mind and also How to Control Your Thought Life. It sparked a hatred for sin and gave me a tangible view of the spiritual warfare that goes on.

Eventually I came to the point where I realized I’m not doing all of this work for myself. Whatever I choose to do I wanted to do it for the glory of God. The Lord can give me a joy and a passion that will translate into the way I live and the things I accomplish will give me a unique platform to share Christ.

Now that I am in college, I have a gym downstairs and I often listen to Love Worth Finding while I work out. It has been a great tool that God is using to develop a passion for loving Christ with all I have, to crucify myself daily, being filled with the Holy Spirit and at the same time learning to genuinely love others.

One thing I respect about Adrian Rogers is that he started living for Christ at a young age. He knew what it was like to live with all the outside pressures and still follow Christ with all you have. It has been a big encouragement to know it is possible for Jesus to change you to such a degree that you can live joyously in Christ right now and learn to be content in whatever situation you are in.

The passion Adrian Rogers communicates infuses my passion and gets me very excited about the Scriptures. God has used that to ignite my delight in the Bible and be excited about reading it…to understand what it means to thirst and hunger for it, to pant after it and desire it as food. Scripture which I theoretically understood actually became knowing what this guy was talking about! It has been really cool to see where I can use my influence in the Honors College and the intellectual circles. My hope is to initiate talk about Christianity, because there is usually the stereotype that you have to give up certain things intellectually if you want to follow Christ. I’ve found that to be the complete opposite. It actually enhances my passion for learning and allows me to see the world more clearly. And I want to make certain that is expressed to others who haven’t had an opportunity to hear the truth of God’s Word.