The Road to Truth

Matt Tremblay Baptism

What do supporters of Love Worth Finding have in common with a 38-year-old HVAC technician in British Columbia? Jesus, and an appreciation for Pastor Adrian Rogers.

Because of your faithfulness, LWF reaches all around the globe, including Canada, where Matt Tremblay will celebrate Easter this year as a new Christian.

Matt first stumbled across Pastor Rogers in 2020.

“The first time I heard a sermon from Adrian Rogers was on a local AM radio station,” Matt said, noting that he now listens via Google podcasts and on YouTube.

Matt grew up near Vancouver, a socially liberal city. “I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, but through my teens and early 20s I was interested in learning about God and the spiritual world.” While Matt was convinced God existed, he said he “hadn’t pursued the path of Christ.”

Adrian Rogers helped him find the road to truth.

Coming to faith, he said, was a gradual process. “For a year I would just listen to sermons. Adrian Rogers was able to explain concepts in the Bible in a way that was easy to grasp. I responded to his delivery style which I found to be powerful, but humble and authentic—he’s someone who speaks with authority based on a life spent walking with Jesus.”

Day by day, step by step, Matt found himself coming closer to Christ.

“Accepting Jesus into my heart seemed like a big step. Since I hadn’t grown up with any knowledge of Jesus, it seemed like a foreign concept. I wanted to be sure it was the right thing for me and something I fully understood. At some point, all the pieces fit together. The teachings I had read in the Bible and learned from listening to Adrian Rogers gradually built to the point where I felt sure this was for me.

“I recall thinking that since I have faith that Christ is who the Bible says he is, why keep struggling to do things on my own when I can invite God into my life?”

While Matt can’t remember the specific message he was listening to when he gave his life to Jesus, he does recall the peace he felt.

“It felt very freeing, like a weight had been lifted. Adrian Rogers would often say when asking people to give their lives to Christ ‘I don’t look for a sign, I don’t ask for a feeling, I just have faith that it’s done,’ and that’s kind of how it was for me.”

Matt and Sabrina Tremblay

Since coming to Christ, Matt said he and his wife, Sabrina, who is also growing in her faith, have found their already good relationship growing stronger. “This shared commitment has added so much to our life together.”

The two took a vacation to Tennessee in late 2022, where Matt was baptized at Pastor Rogers’ long-time church, Bellevue Baptist. “We have done trips to a number of the Southern States and had been wanting to see Tennessee.” Early in the 10-day trip, Matt said he decided to “reach out to Bellevue to see if he could be baptized there.” The answer was “yes,” and on December 4, 2022, Matt took the joyful plunge.

Now that he has followed Jesus in baptism, Matt said he is growing as a Christian using resources from Love Worth Finding. He said his greatest challenge as a new Christian is gaining confidence in sharing the Gospel. “Since everything is still so new to me, I feel like I’m under-equipped to do justice to the message of the faith.”

We have good news for Matt. LWF offers online evangelism training powered through Evangelism Explosion. It can be found, along with other resources, on our Share Your Faith web page.