Karl and Kay Wilson


Thanks for the Encouragement

Karl and Kay Wilson, who have chosen pseudonyms so the glory of their lives will be God’s alone, met the Lord and each other through Adrian Rogers and Love Worth Finding.

Theirs is a story of late-blooming love, long-time service, and what promises to be a lasting legacy.

“God saved me watching Dr. Rogers on TV,” Kay says, “It was in the early 70s and I was living in East Memphis. I couldn’t wait to drive over to Bellevue Baptist Church (then in Midtown Memphis). Kay, a single gal in her 40s, became a part of the church’s robust fellowship and began singing in the choir.

Meanwhile, Karl, also a never-married single, took a job transfer from Jackson, Mississippi to Memphis in 1977. The Wilsons met in Sunday school class and became great friends. Just friends…for the better part of two decades.

“I didn’t think Karl would ever marry,” Kay says. “Though I had prayed specifically, ‘Lord, send someone to Karl if that’s Your will…and send someone to me.’”

Karl was as surprised as anyone at God’s direction: “A friend invited me to a Promise Keeper’s conference in Dallas. The conference was mostly about marriage. I realized I was missing out on a big calling. I came back and I said to myself, ‘if this doesn’t wear off in two weeks I’m going to do something about it.”

The Wilsons were married at a friend’s home in April 1996, the same year Karl retired. “We were an old married couple on our wedding day,” Kay jokes. Pastor Adrian Rogers and his wife, Joyce, attended the wedding. “He gave us a blessing,” Kay says. “It meant so much to us and still does.”

Throughout most of their 25-year marriage, the Wilsons have served as Love Worth Finding Volunteers. Now 88 and 85, Karl and Kay are regulars in the LWF mailroom. Staff members are eager to greet the encouraging couple and know just how Karl likes his coffee.

“This one’s going to a prisoner in Beaumont, Texas,” says Karl as he packages a copy of “Unveiling The End Times In Our Time.

“Isn’t that amazing” Karl asks? “We love to see how the Gospel is going out all over the world,” Kay says.

If the Wilsons have their way, the Gospel will continue to be shared around the globe through Love Worth Finding. The two have ensured their legacy, and the legacy of Adrian Rogers, will reach into the next generation by providing a gift to LWF in their will. As Karl said, “We believe that helping spread the Gospel to an unsaved world is the most important thing a person can do.”

As always, LWF is grateful for faithful donors and volunteers, and for those who use LWF materials to witness to others. All are partners in sharing profound truth, simply stated.

By the way Karl, we’ll keep the coffee pot hot for you!