Gary Holland

I picked up my desk phone and glanced at the list of names I’d been given. I prayed God would use me. What would this caller tell me? But I felt ready. Excited even. You never know what will happen. Today, a lady in a small Texas town answered. Her voice told me it was another of those God-appointments.

My name is Gary Holland, and this is my LWF story.

I volunteer in Donor Support at Love Worth Finding. A group of us call donors, reaching out with a personal touch to be the hands of Jesus, praying for people. We never ask for anything.

That’s what catches everybody off guard. We just thank them for their support. Without them, we couldn’t share the Gospel around the world. At first some are wary, wondering about our motives. I’m quick to say we’re calling just to thank them and offer prayer support. That's where the rubber meets the road. Some say, "God sent you here today. I know it. I do need prayer."

When the lady in Texas answered, she was so thankful. Like many others, she had an LWF story to tell. God used Adrian Rogers to change her home.

“My husband got saved right here in our house. I’d be watching LWF on TV, and he’d come in, then just turn around and walk out. After a while, he'd stand in the hallway, listening. Finally it got to where he'd come sit on the couch and watch. Then one day, he got on his knees and prayed to receive Jesus. The Holy Spirit was drawing him through Dr. Rogers."

That sticks with me, because this is a great ministry. Many callers live in areas where they don't have Gospel preaching. LWF is their only source. Some say, "I can't even find a church to go to.” Or at times they’ll respond, "I tithe to LWF because Adrian Rogers is the one who feeds my soul."

For me, after I got saved at age nine, I wasn’t being fed either, so I wasn't strong in my knowledge of God. I got away from the Lord.

Later I met a wonderful woman—now my wife—who set me straight. She said, "I want you to start going to church with me." I replied, "On Sundays, I'm playing golf with my buddies." Well, before long I started going to hear Adrian Rogers and got hungry for the Word of God. I remember going on a mission trip to Venezuela, the first time I ever shared the Gospel. It changed my life. I've been going on mission trips for about 18 years now. I love it. I want everybody to have a chance to go to Heaven.

My friend Bob Dawkins, the Planned Giving Officer at LWF, was one of my golfing buddies. Bob oversees our volunteers making donor contacts. He kept saying to me, “When you retire, I want you to come volunteer at Love Worth Finding.” I told him I’d think about it. Then one day he called. "Meet me and we’ll go to lunch." He took me on a tour of LWF, and the rest is history!

I love listening to people’s stories, offering help through prayer or scripture. I just spoke with a man who told me, "I give to three major ministries. Nobody's ever called. You're the first to call and thank me for giving." It touched him. It astounds people when we ask, "Can we pray for you?"

We volunteers try to reach as many as we can and would love to reach more. People write, telling us that God, working through us, touched their hearts. LWF and Dr. Rogers have changed my life. And that’s my LWF story. 

“One generation shall praise Thy works to another, and shall declare Thy mighty acts.

I will speak of the glorious honour of Thy majesty, and of Thy wondrous works.”

Psalm 145:4-5

You’ve heard of two accounts of an LWF Story. We want everyone to hear of His wonderful goodness!

So what’s your LWF story? Share it with us by emailing [email protected] or you can submit your story on our website at Your story will be an encouragement to others. So pass the word to friends and family and ask them … what’s your LWF story!