Equipping the Next Generation

Every August, Love Worth Finding and pastors with whom we partner send students back to high school and college campuses with biblically based resources to help them grow spiritually.

This vital program reaches students at a time when they are statistically most likely to continue in or abandon their faith.

According to Barna (formerly the Barna Research Group), three out of every five young Christians (59%) disconnect from church life after age 15 either permanently or for an extended period of time.

Upon request, Love Worth Finding offers pastors up to 12 copies of its annual back-to-school discipleship resource at no cost. If you’d like to help offset the cost of providing these materials to young people, please use the link below to provide a partnership gift.

In August 2023, LWF sent a dozen copies of one of our most recent Bible studies, “Grounded in Truth Volume 1, to every pastor requesting this resource. Those pastors, in turn, gifted those copies to, or used them for discipleship with, young people in churches all over the country.

In August 2022, LWF conducted a similar program with the book, “What Every Christian Ought to Know.”

Both books were developed using messages preached by Pastor Adrian Rogers specifically to help new believers develop a firm foundation for their faith.

Greg Addison, Senior Pastor of Fort Smith First Baptist Church in Arkansas, said he frequently uses Pastor Rogers’ materials for discipleship.

Greg Addison, Fort Smith First Baptist Church

“The Bible study resources such as ‘What Every Christian Ought to Know’ and ‘The Secret of Satisfaction’ have been especially helpful in our young adult small groups. The daily study format is well designed to create thoughtful times with Jesus in a time frame that fits their lives. They are having more consistent time with Jesus. This creates rich discussion times in their small group as they interact over the study. They are sharing and building connections around the shared journey through each study.”

Daniel Jerkins, Hickory Withe Baptist Church

Daniel Jerkins, Associate Pastor of Hickory Withe Baptist Church in Tennessee, reported that those who received “What Every Christian Ought to Know” in 2022 were extremely appreciative.

“Dr. Rogers was my pastor for the first 20 years of my life. I was saved and called to ministry through his ministry at Bellevue Baptist Church,” Pastor Jerkins said. “He played a huge role in my call to ministry and in my philosophy of ministry. His preaching, teaching, and pastor resources continue to be a huge blessing in my life and in my growth as a pastor. The resources of LWF help me in my daily walk with the Lord, my theological studies, and even in my sermon preparation. I am so thankful for Dr. Rogers and LWF!”

Bob and Angie Schafer, First Baptist Church Dayton

Bob Schafer, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dayton, TN, said he has used Pastor Rogers’ resource materials to disciple new believers as well as those who lack a foundation in the Word.

“I have seen believers grow and begin to grasp the Word of God and the basic doctrines,” Pastor Schafer said. “I have used other new believer tools, but Dr. Rogers was truly gifted at making the complex easy to understand!”

Each discipleship book provided to a young person costs about $20 to produce and ship. If you’d like to help offset the cost for one or more students—perhaps even a dozen—use this link:

bless the next generation