Don Abernethy

Faith on Wheels

Don Abernethy has a special traveling companion on his journey as a Christian businessman. At home and on the road—he owns Click Leasing, a big-rig truck leasing business in Hickory, North Carolina—Don listens to broadcast sermons from his favorite preacher, Pastor Adrian Rogers.

“Adrian is very dear to me,” he says. “He is the model pastor of all time as far as I’m concerned.”

“I never found many preachers who took their messages straight from the Word like he does. A lot of ministers get their messages now on the internet and spend a half-day getting ready to preach on Sunday.”

The secret, Don believes, is habit formation: “I work 40 hours every week. To be successful, I have to be prepared. I have to keep enough equipment for my customers. …I think Adrian Rogers spent his workdays in the Scripture. His life was governed by and exercised in the Word, so he was able to give us the Word. That habit is what we all need in our ministers but very few have it.”

One of Don’s habits is to support the preaching of the Gospel. He is a regular partner with Love Worth Finding and this year is enjoying the convenience of giving to Christian ministries through his IRA, a process that benefits both the donor and LWF.

“I have to take a required minimum distribution so I’m going to share,” he says. RMD distributions, which are usually taxable, are not taxed when gifted to not-for-profit organizations.

“To support Love Worth Finding is just one of the easiest things I’ve ever done,” Don says. “One of the things I think about is what it might be like someday sitting with Adrian Rogers in front of Jesus.”

In the meantime, Don keeps on trucking: “I’m retirement age,” he says, “but I’ll never retire.”