Cathy Allen

The phone rang. My doctor was calling after a routine appointment, asking me to come back. Her news shook my world. Deep down, I knew God was getting my attention.

I was born in Missouri, and the state motto, “Show Me,” shaped my spiritual journey. My family was in church whenever the doors opened, but as a teenager, I began looking elsewhere. Jesus’ death for sinners was confusing. How did I fit into that picture? I wasn’t a “sinner.” I was certainly as good as those around me!

As an adult, I began thinking the “ism” must be the secret. I even spent 12 years practicing Judaism, and taking Hebrew classes. Throughout my journey, I saw a consistent message: “Be good. Do good.” I could do that – or so I thought.

Years later, I heard the Gospel for what seemed like the first time: “All have sinned and fallen short….” The dots connected! I saw where I fit. I had been weighing my goodness by my standards, not God’s? No way God would accept that. Sin separated me from God.

Remember that girl from Missouri? “Show me” showed up. I needed Jesus but didn’t want to lose control of my life.

About this time the doctor said, “It’s stage 4 cancer,” which took me down a rocky path. Sitting with my husband, Joe, in a small church, I broke out crying. He asked, “Um…are you okay?” “No, I’m not okay. I’m not in control!” God was in control, not me.

Finally, on Palm Sunday, 1994, I was under such conviction I almost ran when the invitation was given. I understood Jesus died for mea sinner. By faith I accepted Him as Lord and Savior.

The counselor gave me great advice that day: pray daily, thank God for salvation, read the Bible, and get involved in a Gospel-preaching church. But not just in a “Be good. Do good” manner.

God was working and I was excited. Every day I read my Bible, memorizing Scripture. One day, on my 40-minute drive to work, I tried to change radio stations and “accidentally” discovered a man talking about Jesus. I never knew Christian stations existed! It was Adrian Rogers sharing fresh water for my thirsty soul.

The Holy Spirit opened Scripture like a beautiful flower. I began growing and didn’t want this program to ever stop. That’s when we began supporting LWF.

We went to a Love Worth Finding banquet in 1996, meeting staff and learning what the ministry was accomplishing. My perception was blown out of the water. This wasn’t just a regional ministry—it was International. I was so excited to be a part, helping share the Gospel.

Afterward, Bill Skelton, LWF’s Executive VP, asked us to have Sunday lunch with him and his wife. He spoke of positions available at LWF. It was so exciting, the next words out of my mouth were: “Keep me in mind!” As Joe and I left, I said, “Where did that come from?”

Later, Bill invited me to “take a tour of the ministry and just talk.” I recall entering the building and was amazed at how many it takes to air the Gospel. Bill showed me world and US maps with pins where LWF is broadcast. It took my breath away. By supporting LWF, I was an ambassador for Christ.

Years later, I saw Dr. Rogers stand before those maps with tears in his eyes saying, “I never imagined.” Even he was moved by what God was accomplishing.

Now, 22 years into my journey, our marching orders from Adrian Rogers, before he went to Glory, are still valid: “This ministry is not about Adrian Rogers; it’s about Jesus Christ. Though the messenger is gone, the message must continue till Jesus comes.”

You can be an ambassador for Christ too. You see, the Gospel is free but broadcasting isn’t. Your support sends the Gospel to many platforms worldwide. Join us and be amazed at what God is doing.

I’m Cathy Allen. That’s my LWF story. I want to hear your story. How has God worked through LWF in your life? Send it to me at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you.