Brandi Hayes

Do You Know that You Know?

“How on earth am I going to tell my family and friends I got saved?” This thought whirled through Brandi Hayes’ mind. Even though she had found peace with God, she struggled revealing the fact that ultimately, even though she was very faithful at church, she didn’t have peace about her relationship with Jesus.

Let Brandi explain:

Growing up going to church and even walking the aisle as a child, I lived and breathed the Christian life. Looking back, I’m very thankful for the protection and foundation that provided me. But at 24 years old, sitting in the choir loft at church, I found myself wondering was I really a Christ follower or was I just living a Christian life? To anyone else, you would never know, but God knew.

Pastor Rogers was preaching a series called “Back to the Basics.” If he said it once, he said it a hundred times, “Do you know that you know that you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that if you died tonight you would go to Heaven?” After weeks of being confronted through those sermons, my moment had come. One Wednesday night after coming home from church, I settled it forever asking Jesus to come into my heart and to forgive me. Peace washed over me like never before. I knew!

I was already plugged into church and surrounded by Christian friends and family…so why tell anyone? Fear of what others would think became a stumbling block, but the mask had to come off. It was time to be obedient and take a step of faith. In my heart it wasn’t easy, but God had already surrounded me with people who were overjoyed that there was no more doubt!

Six years later, God led Brandi to Love Worth Finding—first as a marketing assistant, and now as Communications and Traditional Marketing Manager. “I had no idea when I took this job that from Bartlett, TN, to Florida or Houston or Ireland or India would be such a short distance,” she says, commenting on the lives LWF touches, quite literally, around the globe.

“I look back to when I settled my salvation. That’s what I want for people. I want others to have that moment of decision with Jesus. That’s what Love Worth Finding is about—sharing Jesus who is the greatest Love worth finding with a world desperately searching to fill the emptiness in their hearts…maybe even from the pew of their church like I did.”

So while she’s working on newsletters, direct mail, devotionals, books, booklets and marketing analytics, she’s also keeping the stories of changed lives in her heart as a source of encouragement. Those of us who support LWF should know how important each of us is in making those dreams come true, not just for Brandi, but for all of us.

If you have a story about an LWF encounter that pointed you to Jesus, clarified your faith, or redirected your ministry, we’d love to hear it. When you write to us, we can take your story and use it to bless someone else. Please go to MyLWFStory and let’s experience a heavenly moment together.