You’ll receive the greatest reward of all

“And I will give him the morning star”

Revelation 2:28

Ponder This

I remember reading a story about a wealthy Roman who had a lavish estate, and he had a servant named Marcellus. When the wealthy Roman died, he wrote his will and left everything to his slave. The Roman also had a son, and for some reason there had been a disagreement with him, so in the will he said, “I have left my entire estate to my slave Marcellus. To my son, I leave him only one thing. He can choose any one thing from my estate he wants, but that's all.” The son said, “Very well, I choose Marcellus.”

Here at the end of Revelation 2, our Lord gives another sweet promise to those who overcome: "And I will give him [the overcomer] the morning star." Jesus is that morning star. What He's saying is, “You'll receive the greatest reward of all. You'll receive Me, the morning star.” The morning star in the heavens is the star that appears just after the darkest hour of the night.

Practice This

It's getting very dark. But praise God, it's getting gloriously dark, and before long, that morning star, Jesus, is going to appear. Choose Jesus, for with Him comes all the Father's wealth.