Daily Devotional
Yes, Have Children


If I did not know what I know from God’s Word, I would be a pessimist. And I believe you would too. I would also be afraid to bring children into this world if I did not know God. But because I know God, I want to encourage you to have children.

Don’t ever let the devil intimidate you as a child of God from bringing children into this world. Sometimes people say, “Dr. Rogers, the world’s situation is so dangerous today, do you think we ought to have children?” Yes, yes! God’s people above all people, are the ones who ought to be bringing a Godly seed into this world and raising up children. Don’t be afraid.

Second Timothy 3:1 says in the last days, perilous times will come. And that word “perilous” is only used one other time in the New Testament. It is translated “exceedingly fierce.” These are exceedingly fierce days, but little boys and girls who have mothers and fathers of faith are to be encouraged.



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