Daily Devotional
“Why Don’t You Ask Me?”

“I am a stranger in the earth; do not hide Your commandments from me”

Psalm 119:19

Ponder This

One man loved to study the Bible, but every time he came to something he couldn't understand, he thought of his friend Charlie. Charlie was a great student of the Bible. The man would go to him and say, "Charlie what does this verse mean?" Or, “Charlie, tell me about this." One day in his Bible study, the Holy Spirit said to him, "Why don't you ask Me? I'm the One who taught Charlie!"

I thank God for Bible students and Bible scholars and people who can teach, but the same God who teaches them is the God who wants to teach you. As you study the Bible, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in His truth.

Practice This

The Word of God will be dynamite in your life. But to make that happen it, you need to verbalize it. Start speaking the Word of God. Speak it clearly, speak it courageously. You'll discover as you verbalize God's Word, as you share God's Word, as you quote God's Word, as you sing God's Word, as what is in your heart finds its way to your lips, it will mold your mind in a way you never knew before. It will become vital in your heart and in your life.

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