Daily Devotional
Why do people suffer?

And unto Adam He said… “cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life. Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth to thee…”

Genesis 3:17-18a

Ponder This

Before His crucifixion, the Lord Jesus was crowned with thorns, a sick form of torture. Yet in another sense, His being crowned with thorns was part of a drama written before the world was swung into space. It was not accidental that God allowed wicked men to do this. It was part of God’s magnificent plan.

What does a crown of thorns symbolize? The curse upon humanity—you, me, all of us—because of sin. In God’s newly created earth, there were no thorns, thistles or brambles. The first rose bloomed without thorns. The curse came upon Adam and Eve because they disobeyed God.

Jesus wore that crown because He bore the curse that came upon everything due to our rebellion.

No matter your occupation or station in life, you’ll be working among thorns. And your body, like the apostle Paul’s, will find a thorn in the flesh. The thorns Jesus wore spoke of the hardship, sickness and suffering we all experience because something happened to creation (Romans 8:22). Death always accompanies sin.

Practice This

Sin brought the thorny pathway we walk, the bed of briars we sleep on, the curse on everything. Every hospital, mental institution, and jail, every twisted, warped body, all heartache pain and anguish, testifies, “Sin did this.” Who is taking care of your sin? Who is paying the price for it? Is it under the blood? Are you trusting Christ alone for that?


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