Daily Devotional
What Is Your Name?


God will break you, but He desires to bless you.

The angel said to Jacob, “What is thy name?” And he replied, “Jacob.” Now, the word “Jacob” itself means “supplanter,” conniver -- in modern English, con-artist.

Do you think God didn’t know what Jacob’s name was when He asked? No, God wanted him to admit it. What is your name? Con-artist. Conniver. Schemer. God says, “Well, Jacob, I’m glad to hear you admit it.”

Did you know that God is going to ask you the same thing today? God is going to say to you, “What is your name?” And you are going to have to say, “My name is Lazy.” Or “My name is Lustful.” Or “My name is Doubter.” Or “My name is Liar.” “My name is Selfishness.”

Jacob is crippled that he might be crowned. He is broken that he might be blessed. He goes from a name of shame to the Hall of Fame.



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