Daily Devotional
We Need Revival

“Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?”

Psalm 85:6

Ponder This

What we need is a sweeping revival. Decline occurs in nine cycles. People go from:

  • Bondage to spiritual faith
  • Spiritual faith to courage
  • Courage to liberty
  • Liberty to abundance
  • Abundance to selfishness
  • Selfishness to complacency
  • Complacency to apathy
  • Apathy to dependence
  • Dependence back again to bondage

Practice This

This cycle is being revealed today in our nation’s current status. But I'm telling you, it’s time some of us took our place and prayed for God to send a mighty revival. Pray for repentance across our nation. Pray for our nation to return to Him. It’s not too late with God!