Daily Devotional
The Virgin Birth


Is the virgin birth incidental or is it mythological? No, it is ultimate and foundational truth. Your eternal destiny rises or falls on the virgin birth. Without the virgin birth you could not be saved. Why?

Had Jesus been born of a natural birth, rather than a supernatural birth, He would have been a child of Adam, not a child of God. Had Adam been His father, He would have been a sinner because He would have had Adam’s nature.

First Corinthians 15:22 says, “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” Had Jesus been a sinner, He could not have been the perfect sacrifice. He could have only died for His own sin. He could never have died for yours and mine.

But being born of a virgin, Jesus did not inherit the sinful nature and humanity of Adam. He had the nature of His Father, Who had fathered and sired Him and He was absolutely without sin. Therefore, He and He alone could be the sinless sacrifice to pay for our sins. He was born of a virgin that you and I might be born again.



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Adrian Rogers as the Moon Port Pastor

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Pastor Rogers saw his purpose to “point men beyond the stars" and soon he became known as the “Moon Port Pastor.” As you read how these ministry years became foundational to Pastor Rogers' leadership development, your commitment to the Word of God will be fortified and your leadership skills will challenged and encouraged.