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The Purpose Of The Devil

July 16, 2017 Save Article


What is the purpose of the devil? What is his unholy ambition? To pull God from His throne. The devil is a rebel in revolt against Almighty God.

You say, “That’s foolish!” Yes, that is foolish. But the devil has been deceived and twisted by the sinful pride in his heart. The Bible says his wisdom is corrupted because of his pride (see Ezekiel 28:17), and now he is in revolt against Almighty God. His purpose is to literally overthrow God. And believe it or not, he thinks he can do it.

What is his plan? The devil’s chief weapon is deception. He deceives that he might destroy. The devil is methodical. He is willing to wait. He will let you succeed that you might further fall. He will let you get away with sin, that sin might greatly entrap and ensnare you. He is quite content to be patient. Consider yourself warned.

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