Daily Devotional
The Grace Of God In The Home


Should a wife be submissive to her husband? Yes, but that doesn’t mean subjugation. What if your husband tells you to do something wrong, should you do it? No! There is a higher authority than your husband. As a matter of fact, there are men who have used the principle of submission as a weapon to club their wife rather than as a hammer to build their home.

Did you know that Jesus is the head of the church, but He has never forced me to do anything? He leads by love. I believe that children ought to be submissive to their parents. But some parents are so over-zealous in the matter of making children comply that what they do is raise rebels because they have not learned the grace of God in the home.

I’m not saying that there is not a principle of submission. If you hear me say that there’s not a principle of children obeying their parents, you’ve missed it all together. I’m saying that we need to put the sweet grace of God in what we do and how we live.

First Peter 5:5b says, “All of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility.”



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