Stop Agonizing Over if You Are Strong Enough

“Then they remembered that God was their rock and the Most High God their Redeemer.”

Psalm 78:35

Ponder This

It’s amazing—the things the devil will try just to get you to examine yourself and start doubting. You say, "Well, I know I'm saved.” The devil replies, "No, you're not." "Why? Why am I not saved? I believe in Jesus." "Oh, yeah, a person’s saved by faith in Jesus,” the devil says, “but YOUR faith isn’t good enough."

Has that devil ever pulled that on you? "You don't believe enough. Your faith isn’t strong enough. Your faith is such a low-class faith, if it's faith at all, it's not going to get you there because you're not a true believer."

Now, how are you going to argue with the devil over that?

Here's how I do it: When the devil tells me, "Adrian Rogers, your faith is no good," you know what I say? "That's right, but isn't Jesus wonderful?"

See? "Isn't Jesus wonderful!" I'm not putting faith in faith; I'm putting faith in Jesus.

Practice This

Sometimes we hear sermons on "saving faith." There's no such thing. Faith doesn't save you; Jesus does. It’s “by grace, through faith” (See Ephesians 2:8). Faith is necessary for salvation, but you’re saved by Jesus! How much faith does it take? Just enough to say, "Lord, I trust You.” Stop agonizing over whether your faith is strong enough. Instead, when doubts arise say, “Lord, I trust You.”