Daily Devotional
Silencing Satan and Strengthening Saints

Today’s Reading

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. REVELATION 12:11

Silencing Satan and Strengthening Saints

Confessing Christ not only seals salvation, as we saw yesterday, but it also silences Satan. How Satan hopes that you and I will not learn to believe and confess that Christ is Lord. In Revelation 12:11, John writes that one way the saints overcame Satan was “by the word of their testimony.” What is this testimony? “Jesus is Lord.” Satan is not afraid of you and me, but he is terrified by our testimony! 

Satan is conquered by confession. When you take the name of Jesus Christ and boldly fling it in the face of Satan, he cowers. I have seen firsthand the power of the name of Jesus and the power of the confession that Jesus is Lord. This is why Satan tried to destroy the infant Jesus through the evil King Herod. The devil knew full well Who that Baby in Bethlehem was. Satan tried to kill Jesus because he knew that the manger of Bethlehem held his defeat. 

Confessing Jesus as Lord not only seals salvation and silences Satan, it also strengthens saints. Do you want to be a strong Christian? Begin to confess openly and gladly that Jesus Christ is Lord—that He is your Lord! If you want your faith to be strong, put your faith in your mouth. Begin to articulate it. You’ll find that it will begin to grow. The more you assert something, the stronger its power will become in your own life. Confessing Jesus will increase your love for Him!


In Acts 10:14, Peter said, “Not so, Lord!” in response to a command from heaven to eat “unclean” animals. Explain to your family that these two statements
cannot go together. If Jesus is Lord, we must obey immediately, and we cannot say no to what He commands. Buy a box of Christmas ball ornaments and decorate them with the words “Jesus is Lord” or “Lord.”

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