Daily Devotional
Our God Cannot Lie

“Then Elisha said, “Hear the word of the Lord. Thus says the Lord …”

2 Kings 7:1a

Ponder This

We speak of the Bible as inerrant and infallible. When the Bible speaks, God speaks. I’ve noticed the more liberal a preacher gets, the more he doesn’t like to call the Bible the Word of God. But oh, dear friend, this is the Word of the Lord, spoken by His prophets, and it is authoritative.

Is it really important that we believe the Word of God is true and perfect? Yes. If any part of His Word is not true, then we must conclude God is a liar. But God cannot lie! Every word in the Bible can be trusted.

Billy Graham came to this conclusion in the early years of his ministry and prayed, “I have seen enough of the transforming power of this Word to know that You are behind it…. I take it by faith…and trust You to make clear to me what it means.”

F. B. Myer, one of the greatest devotional writers of all time, said if any promise of God should fail, “the heavens will clothe themselves in sackcloth, and the sun and moon and stars will reel from their seats. The universe will rock, and a hollow wind will moan through creation, bearing the tidings that God is mutable, that God can lie.”

Practice This

A God of truth cannot inspire untruth. Praise God for His absolute trustworthiness. No need to argue or quibble about it. If it’s the Word of God and God is a God of truth, then it can’t contain error. A God of error cannot inspire, and a God of truth cannot inspire error. It is the product of the Spirit of God. It is thereby totally infallible because God is infallible. Thank God for the inerrancy of the Bible.


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