Looking Forward To Jesus


I love the Lord Jesus Christ as much now, I believe, as I ever have in my life. And yet, I’m looking forward to loving Him more tomorrow.

The devil gives the best first. That is the way it is with life. The devil doesn’t have any happy old people. Have you ever noticed that? Without Jesus, it gets worse and worse and worse.

You start out in life as a child with the wonder of childhood, and then as a youth there’s the vision and enthusiasm of youth. In manhood there is the strength of manhood. But then when you become middle aged, you get into the battle of life and the weariness of age. Things begin to deteriorate and run downhill if you don’t know the Lord.

I can hardly wait for Him to come again. And soon, and very soon…He is coming. Every pain and heartache we’ll ever know, we’ll know this side of the grave, or this side of His coming again. Thank God that we are looking forward to His coming.

Mark 13:26 has this promise “And then shall they see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.”