Daily Devotional
Knowing Truth Or Knowing Jesus


I want you to read a part of an essay written by a 17-year old boy, but I want to tell you ahead of time the young boy was Karl Marx. Listen to it:

If we examine the history of man’s nature as an individual, we constantly observe that spark of divinity in his breast. Our hearts, reason, history, the Word of Christ, all call out to us loudly and convincingly to tell us that union with Him is absolutely necessary and without Him we would be rejected of God, for He alone is able to deliver us.

What is the problem with all of that? Not a thing in the world, so far as truth is concerned. He knew the answers, but he didn’t know Jesus. Paul says, “I know Whom I have believed.” He didn’t say, “I know in Whom I have believed.” That is the way many people mistranslate that. Paul didn’t want a preposition between him and Christ. He said, “I know Whom I have believed.”



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