Jesus Values Time with You

“Glory and honor are in His presence; strength and gladness are in His place”

1 Chronicles 16:27

Ponder This

I heard about a little girl who loved her daddy so much she wanted to do something very special for him for Christmas. She decided to make him some house slippers. She went up to her bedroom every evening and worked. The times that she used to spend sitting in her father's lap and talking disappeared. For days she worked alone. Finally, she came down on Christmas Day with the slippers and presented them to her father.

He was appreciative of her nice gift. But he thought to himself, “How much more I would have valued her time just sitting in my lap and being with me than I value these slippers.”

Practice This

Are you occupied elsewhere doing things for God, rather than spending time with Him? Jesus values the time you spend with Him far more than the things you do for Him. Learn to sit at the feet of Jesus. Make a commitment to spend time in His presence each day.