Daily Devotional
Jesus...The Ark Of Safety, Part 2


Do you think that Noah was safe in the ark? Absolutely. Now, Noah may have fallen down several times inside that ark, but he couldn’t fall out of it. Noah was as safe as that ark was safe, because Noah was in the ark. It had atonement on the outside; it had atonement on the inside and God sealed them inside.

Imagine with me, though, for a minute, if God had told Noah:

I am sending a great flood to cover all the earth. Here’s how I want you to get prepared. I want you to build a great ship with some pegs on the side of it. One peg for you to hold on to, one for Mrs. Noah, one for Ham, one for Shem, one for Japheth, and one each for their wives. When it starts to rain, I want each of you to grab onto your peg and hold on with all your might because it is going to be a terrible flood. If you hold on until all the flood waters go down, you will be safe.

Do you think that’s much of a salvation?

There are many who believe they’ll be secure when they get to heaven. They say, “When I get to heaven, I’m going to slam the door behind me and wipe the sweat off my brow and shout ‘I made it!’”

Now wait a minute. If people don’t believe in security down here, how are they going to have security there? I read in the Bible where angels fell from heaven (Revelation 12:9). Security is not in a place. Security is in a person and His name is Jesus.



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