It is never too early to start

“And I prayed to the Lord my God, and made confession…”

Daniel 9:4

Ponder This

The greatest thing we can do for America is to pray for America. I am convinced if there were ever a need for prayer, this is the hour. It’s one thing to complain that our children cannot pray in school. But I think it is unmitigated hypocrisy to carp and criticize about children not being able to pray in school unless we ourselves are prayer warriors, don’t you?

We must teach our children to pray in the home. We are unvarnished hypocrites to criticize, yet not teach our children to pray—by both gentle instruction and by example. Our children are watching us and will model our behavior.

Practice This

Are you teaching your children how to pray? Are you taking them beyond “Now I lay me down to sleep”? If your child can talk, it’s not too early to teach them how to pray.