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Humanism: The Kingdom Of The Antichrist

June 22, 2017 Save Article


Many people get the words “humanitarian” and “humanist” confused. Humanitarians are like philanthropists, those who practice good will toward all people. Humanists, however, are a small cadre of highly motivated intellectuals who are steering the world toward a one-world government. Their god is mankind.

The Humanist magazine said, “Internationally, what do the humanists propose? Nationalism, rooted as it is in arbitrary geographical units, must be superseded by a globalism based on the oneness of man. There must be a world-wide organization to which national sovereignty could be relinquished in all international affairs. Let our boys fight under the banner of the U.N. No longer under the command of American commanders.”

One of these days, there is going to come an enforcer who is going to turn this world into a world-wide system. The Kingdom of Babylon is the Kingdom of Anti-Christ.

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