Daily Devotional
Every Woman's Struggle

"...even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price."

1 Peter 3:4b

Ponder This

Are you a woman struggling with the way you look? Women want to be beautiful, but it’s tempting to think beauty is found at a cosmetics counter, on a dress rack, or in a jewelry box. Those things are corruptible, and what’s in vogue today is out of fashion when next year’s supermodels hit the runway.

If you depend on outward beauty, you’re fighting a losing battle. In spite of all you can do, you have two parents—Mother Nature and Father Time—seeing to it you don’t remain outwardly beautiful. No matter how beautiful you are, every year beauty is fading.

Peter tells you how to be perpetually beautiful—in fact, increasingly beautiful: it’s the adornment of a “meek and quiet spirit.” That doesn’t mean you’re a mousy Wanda Wallflower. The word “quiet” here doesn’t mean silent. It means serene. Inward serenity. When a person is beautiful on the inside, they tend to even be more beautiful on the outside.

Maybe God gave you a naturally vivacious, bubbly, or even fiery temperament. Fine. Don’t try to make yourself something you’re not. A “quiet spirit” means you have a teachable spirit; you’ve got peace on the inside. You’re serene.

The ornament of a meek and a quiet spirit is worth far more than the most expensive jewel you can wear.

Practice This

Stand in front of the mirror today. Imagine Jesus by your side, and ask Him to create in you a gentle and quiet spirit of love. The only thing that will make you more beautiful, day after day, is what you nurture within yourself—serenity.


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