Do You Pray Weak Prayers?

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much”

James 5:16b

Ponder This

These words, effectual and fervent, literally mean “stretched out.” Visualize a horse jumping over a barricade, stretched out as he leaps. It’s like an athlete who’s running for the gold, and he bursts for the tape and stretches himself out for the goal. James says that’s the way we are to pray. Our prayers are to be on fire! They’re to be stretched out, and I don’t mean stretched out on your bed half asleep. We’re to be striving for the goal, eager, earnest, fervent, and impassioned in our prayers. God forgive our cold, lukewarm, milk-toast, take-it-or-leave-it prayers.

When we give without sacrifice, pray without fasting, and witness without tears, is it any wonder we sow without results?

Practice This

How God has convicted my heart as I’ve studied the book of James! I’ve had to bow my head, confess my sin and say, “God, forgive my cold, lukewarm, indifferent prayers. May I learn how to pray effectually, fervently, as James taught us to pray.” What does James mean when he talks about the conditions that we should meet? He’s talking about the intensity of the asking. That’s the kind of prayer that brings results.