Do You Feel Forsaken?

“All my close friends abhor me, and those whom I love have turned against me.”

Job 19:19

Ponder This

Can you trust God when others forsake you? Maybe you’re going through that right now. Has your husband forsaken you? Have your children abandoned you? Has a trusted friend or a business associate turned on you? The devil says, “Yes, let that happen to them. God, they’ll curse You to Your face.” But that wasn’t true for Job.

Perhaps you’re a preacher and your church has turned on you. Perhaps the pulpit committee that called you to the church now wants you to leave, and the reason is you’re just preaching the Gospel. Don’t think that if you preach the Gospel the world’s going to love you. The same world that hated Jesus is going to hate you. You can get in trouble for preaching the Gospel. Sometimes your closest associates, the people you take counsel with, even in the house of God, will turn against you. You’d better trust God when friends forsake you.

  • When was a time you felt forsaken by friends?
  • How is God your ever-present friend, even in the darkest moments?

Practice This

Write a list of ways God is a faithful friend and worthy of trust in every season.