Daily Devotional
Christ Is The Way To Holiness


God wants you to live with power. He doesn’t want you to simply have the Holy Spirit in you as just a resident. He wants that power to be released in your heart and through your life.

Early in my ministry, I endeavored to make myself somehow worthy to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I had the idea that if I could be good enough, if I could pray long enough, if I could make myself worthy enough, then perhaps God would fill me.

It was as if I needed to prove myself to God that I didn’t need His power. Then maybe He would give it to me. If I could live holy, if I could be pure, if I could win enough souls, then maybe He would give His power to me. What’s so ironic about that kind of thinking is that I wouldn’t need it then!

It’s like when you go to the bank to get a loan and the banker asks you to fill out several forms. If you can prove that you don’t need any money, then he will loan you some. Isn’t that right?

One of the greatest things I ever learned in my life is this: holiness is not the way to Christ; Christ is the way to holiness.



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