Children Are A Blessing

Ponder This

There is something basically wrong in America when little children are looked upon as burdens rather than blessings. Not only is there something basically wrong, but there is something drastically wrong when little babies are being put to death in their mother’s womb. That breaks my heart. The womb ought to be the safest place on earth, and now for many babies it is becoming the most dangerous place on earth.

Let me say clearly that my heart goes out to those of you who would love to have children and cannot. And to those of you who had an abortion before you were saved and struggle with the guilt, let me assuredly say that God is forgiving and will forgive you if you ask Him. And to those of you who are single and long to be married, keep praying, keep waiting, keep serving until God brings that special someone.

But to those of you who refuse to have children because you want more of this world’s goods or more freedom, let me say that you are missing an incredible blessing. “But,” you may say, “if we had children, those children would make us poor.” Listen...children don’t make rich people poor, they make poor people rich!

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