Daily Devotional
A muddy boot brought him to Jesus

“To him who strikes you on the one cheek, offer the other also. And from him who takes away your cloak, do not withhold your tunic either”

Luke 6:29

Ponder This

Someone asked an army officer, “Why are you a Christian?” He said, “One day we went out on a march. We slugged through the mud all day long. Our boots were dirty and our clothes were heavy. When we came into the barracks, we were cross and irritable.”

“There was a young man who had already come in, cleaned up, and was kneeling down by his bed saying his prayers. I became so irritated I took one of my muddy boots and hit him in the head with it. The young man paused for a moment and then continued praying. But when I awoke the next morning, my boots were polished and set by my bed by that young man. That’s what brought me to Christ.”

Practice This

When God’s people suffer persecution for their faith, the world begins to look at us. We may not want it. We may not ask for it. Certainly, I’m not asking for it. From the human viewpoint, it is misery. From the Satanic viewpoint, it is mystery. But from the divine viewpoint, it is ministry. Don’t wait until persecution comes. Make your decision that if you are called upon, you will suffer for Christ.


Real Truth Never Changes

Real truth never changes, and the truth about government is that it is God who ordains it, leaders who are responsible for it, and citizens who are accountable to it. The privilege of being called Americans comes with significant responsibilities—to God, to each other, and to the world.