Daily Devotional
When Opportunity Starts Knocking

“I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved...”

John 10:9

Ponder This

We need to practice the presence of the Lord this coming year. You’re going to be tempted to rush into life because of the fast pace at which society is stepping. Many doors will open for you. Many doors will close. What will you do? Remember that through it all, Jesus Christ will be behind each and every door as you seek Him with all your heart. He has promised never to leave you, nor forsake you. When the devil comes and knocks at your heart’s door this next year, simply say, “Jesus, please go answer the door.” The Lord is there with us to take care of us.

Practice This

When the door of opportunity knocks for you today, reflect on His goodness, His mercy, and His faithfulness. Trust in Him to give you what you need.