Daily Devotional
When God Gives You a Fever

“For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.”

Romans 8:19

Ponder This

When Adam sinned, God could not allow a sinful creature to live in paradise. So, God took Adam out of paradise and put him in a world that had the curse of sin upon it. God told him that He would have to survive by the sweat of his face. Why? Because God wanted Adam to know there’s something deadly wrong in this world, and all of the pain and all of the sorrow that we see in creation is the fever of the infection, which is sin.

Aren’t you glad that God gives you fever when you have an infection? If you didn’t have a fever, you wouldn’t know you had an infection. The fever’s the symptom of the deeper problem. The groaning of creation is in essence the fever of a broken world. God didn’t make the world this way; God made the world perfect. But we see a world that is marred and scarred and all of creation is groaning. Listen even to the wind as it goes through the trees; it’s in a minor key. Everything is groaning and sighing and dying. But God has promised that it will not stay this way forever.

  • Where does the brokenness of the world stand out to you most?
  • How have you experienced but also contributed to the brokenness of the world?

Practice This

Take time today to make a list of ways the world is broken. Make a second list of the promises God has made to fix the broken things of the world.


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