Daily Devotional
Loving Jesus Means Loving His People

But the man said to Joab, “Though I were to receive a thousand shekels of silver in my hand, I would not raise my hand against the king’s son. For in our hearing the king commanded you and Abishai and Ittai, saying, ‘Beware lest anyone touch the young man Absalom!’ Otherwise, I would have dealt falsely against my own life. For there is nothing hidden from the king, and you yourself would have set yourself against me.” Then Joab said, “I cannot linger with you.” And he took three spears in his hand and thrust them through Absalom’s heart, while he was still alive in the midst of the terebinth tree.

2 Samuel 18:12-14

Ponder This

Do you have the mind of Christ? Do you think as Jesus thinks? Do you love as Jesus loves? Do you deal with others as Jesus would deal with them? One of the saddest things in the world is to see people who stab other people in the back under the guise of Christianity. They’re arguing, disputing, and fighting among themselves, yet claiming to love the Lord Jesus. But here’s the truth: You cannot claim to love the Lord Jesus Christ and knife those that He loves. It doesn’t matter whether yours is family loyalty, fundamental loyalty, or fighting loyalty. If you’re knifing those that Jesus loves, you need to assess if you really know Him. That was the problem for Joab and for Judas. They never really had the mind of Christ. Do you?

  • Who is it hard for you to love within the body of Christ?
  • Read John 13:34-35. How are you reminded that loving this way is not just an option but a command if you are to truly follow Jesus?

Practice This

Spend time with the Lord today, asking Him to reveal the places you have refused to love others. Ask Him to show you the path toward reconciliation in those broken places.


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