Daily Devotional
Knowing God Helps Us Trust God

“And He said, ‘My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.’”

Exodus 33:14

Ponder This

There’s an often-repeated illustration about the bookmark some of us have in our older Bibles. It’s an embroidered bookmark; on one side is just a mass of tangled threads, but on the other side it says, “God is love.” Now some just look at it from the back, and they only see that tangled mass of threads. That is often like our faith—we don’t see the ways of God—that God is love—and it all looks like a mess to us. But our ways and God’s ways are so different.

Peter and James were both put in prison. They were servants of the Lord Jesus, apostles of Christ, arrested and put in prison for preaching the Gospel. Do you know what happened to James? His head was cut off. Do you know what happened to Peter? He was delivered miraculously from the same prison. (See Acts 12.)

How are we to explain that? If all you see are the works of God, you will be hopelessly confused and push the panic button all the time. You will never rest until you know God intimately. To know God intimately is the way of tranquility. Nothing will bring rest to your troubled soul like an intimate knowledge of God. If all you see is what God does in the world, you will be one nervous Christian. Change comes when we come to know Him intimately.

  • When was a time you were confused by the ways of God?
  • How has God’s presence been comforting to you in a time of trouble?

Practice This

Think about how you spend time with God now and consider how you might seek to know Him more intimately.


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