Daily Devotional
Jesus Wants to Transform You

“But Simon answered and said to Him, ‘Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.’”

Luke 5:5

Ponder This

May I challenge you to make the words of Peter in this passage the motto of your life? “At Your word I will.” You do not have to understand the command of God to obey that command. Don’t parade it past the judgment bar of your reasoning to see if it makes sense or not. It may not make sense. Throwing the net out on the other side of the boat did not make sense; except it made sense to Jesus.

Jesus is in the transformation business. He transforms worthless water into sparkling wine. And He’s still in the business of transforming people today—human beings like me, like you. Someone wisely said, “Nature forms us, sin deforms us, education informs us, penitentiaries reform us, but Jesus transforms us.” He is a transformer, and He is changing us now.

I think about how He transformed Simon Peter, a blustering, big-mouth fisherman into the fiery apostle of Pentecost. I think about how He transformed the Apostle John, the Son of Thunder, into the apostle of love. I think about how He transformed Matthew, who was a tax collector, into the writer of the Gospel of Matthew. I think of how He transformed Mary, who was a demon-possessed harlot, into a herald of the resurrection. I think of how He transformed my own life. The miracle is in the transformation.

  • Have you ever followed someone’s advice, even if you didn’t think it would work? What happened? Why did you decide to listen?
  • What commands of God don’t seem to make sense to you or are hard for you to trust?

Practice This

Write down the commands of Christ that seem hard to understand or follow.


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